Spousal Support


If you are a party who gave up your career to raise several children, over the course of a 10 + year marriage; or if you have serious health problems which have disabled you from working, you are, in most cases, going to need as much spousal support as possible to transition into your new life in the event of a divorce.

Spousal support is usually an emotional issue for the payor, who wants to walk away from the marriage without a reduction in his or her lifestyle. Support issues become even more contentious if the support of minor children is also involved. Payors earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year may find very little of their income remains to meet their own needs, after making child and spousal support payments.

Our firm has represented both sides on the issue of spousal support. The court, in making “permanent” spousal support and attorney fee awards, has to consider more than a dozen factors under the law, which can lead to costly litigation if parties and/or their counsel refuse or are unable to compromise.

We use creative but realistic approaches to resolve spousal support, with or without the need for litigation. Our family law specialization is critical to powerful negotiation skills, if you need spousal support, or if you want zealous advocacy to minimize your spousal support obligation.