We are pleased to announce that on Friday, June 7, 2019, Elizabeth won her first jury trial with a $1,177,500 verdict against Farmer’s & Merchants Bank of Long Beach. The jury agreed F&M Bank breached its common law duty of inquiry to a non-customer (my client), who wrote checks in large amounts ($50,000-$172,500) payable to F&M Bank–and only F&M Bank–for deposit only, when his faithless pension plan administrator presented those checks at the teller’s window and requested they be diverted into his personal money market account. Each and every one of Elizabeth’s client’s 16 checks were approved for deposit by an F&M MANAGER, who not only approved the deposits without her client’s authority, but granted their customer immediate credit for the deposits! Our society relies heavily on the integrity of banks, the jury did an excellent job of ignoring the bank’s deceptive defenses.